Agriculture Teachers Association, Inc.

2014-2015 Meeting Minutes

2016-2017 Meeting Minutes

2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

Do you have ideas to share that your think would benefit our organization and profession? Come to one of our board meetings or get involved in a committee!

  • Board of Directors Meeting
    • 12/8/16, 5:30p.m., Middletown High School, Middletown, MD
    • 1/12/17, 3:00p.m., MD Department of Agriculture, Annapolis, MD
    • 2/9/17, 5:30p.m., Boonsboro High School, Boonsboro, MD
    • 3/15/17, 5:00p.m., Clear Spring High School, Clear Spring, MD
    • 4/11/17, 2:00p.m., MD State Department of Education, Baltimore, MD
    • 5/11/17, 5:30p.m., Francis Scott Key High School, Union Bridge, MD
    • 6/10/17, 9:00a.m., Brunswick High School, Brunswick, MD

  • Conference Committee Meeting
    • Bridget Nicholson, Co-Chair
      • 12/9/16, 5:00p.m.  Home of Diane Herndon


Diane Safar, Winters Mill High School, Carroll County

President Elect

Frederick Doepkens, Hereford Middle School, Baltimore County

Past President

Michael Harrington, Brunswick High School, Frederick County


Quinn Cashell, Boonsboro High School, Washington County


Roy Walls, University of Maryland, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources


J.D. Repp, Clear Spring High School, Washington County

Membership Chair

Sara Seiser, Middletown High School, Frederick County